Rb (theperfectalias) wrote,

smited again

I'm on my third day of being smited by unidentified flu-like symptoms and now I'm just getting pissed. Let me list the things that are currently pissing me off:

1) Isabel Allende. Her books take far too long to become even remotely interesting.

2) My crappy, ineffective immune system.

3) The fact that my family repeatedly deletes Futurama from our Tvo before I view it.

4) The mailman. He's completely inconsistent with delivery time. I wish I had a dog
to gnaw on his leg.

5) My lack of knowledge of where I'll be living one month from now. Probably the

6) Advil Cold and Sinus. Does it work? No.

7) The Harry Potter series. I cannot be expected to wait until I graduate from
college to read the next book in line.

8) While I'm thinking of Harry Potter, the people that go around in cloaks are
completely unacceptable.

Thank you. Have a nice day.
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