Rb (theperfectalias) wrote,

man eater

I just looked at the bookshelf next to my computer desk to notice that my roommate has added several of her books to my collection. Maybe I should say I added a few shelves to her collection. Excessive shelf space on my part and excessive memoirs and novels on hers makes this mutually beneficial. Normally this wouldn't be exciting enough news to receive an honorable mention in livejournal, but this is the first night I've actually noticed the books I'm housing. Observe: Jenna Jameson-How To Make Love Like a Porn Star; Jessica Simpson-Achieving Your Dream Wedding; 40,0001 Best Baby Names. Watch out boys; I'm coming to get you. I could see this being very problematic should this be misinterpreted, but who am I kidding? These books are surrounded by How To Get Into Top Law Schools and Donald Trump-How To Get Rich. You'd have a better bet of psychoanalyzing my intentions if you look for the Harry Potter books. Jenna Jameson and Harry Potter: Now that's a winning combination a man can't refuse.
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