Rb (theperfectalias) wrote,

miss manners

I've been in everyone's bed but my own this summer. Between state hopping from California to North Carolina, I've spent about a grand total of 1 week at my own apartment. This isn't anything new to me, since I used to float from dorm room to dorm room when I was a commuter my freshman and sophomore year of college, but a few puzzling events did catch me off guard this time around. My boyfriend and I would alternately sleep in the guest bedroom at my Grandmother's house, and each time she knew the switch was about to happen, she would insist that we change the sheets. I can understand this if I were planning on sleeping in a bed previously contaminated with ebola, but if it's my boyfriend and I'm the one who has to remake the bed, I say keep it dirty.

I think I might have actually expressed this sentiment to my grandmother, Grams as she likes to be called, and she was a bit horrified. She proceeded to explain to me why unmarried men and women cannot share the same sheets. I think it goes something like this: women cannot sleep in men's sheets because you never know what's gone on in there during the night. Men cannot sleep in women's sheets because they'll get way too turned on. I believe the exact quote was "he'll smell your scent and find it arousing." Moral of the story? Lock up your linens because men are apparently hunting dogs.
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