Rb (theperfectalias) wrote,

around the world in 80 days. or every three years.

It appears as if my family is once again moving, and by appears I mean my parents bought a house in North Carolina last weekend. This means the Brown family will have officially lived in 4 states and five houses in the past decade. When this move was still in the on-again-off-again planning stage, I thought okay, I'm going to rock this. I made a thoughtful, detailed list of reasons why it would be most logical for me to continue living with my parents and came to the conclusion that North Carolina was the place to be. The use of past tense in that sentence obviously indicates that that rationale was shot out the window. I met my current boyfriend and now, as I'm writing this, I can't even remember what those thoughtful, detailed reasons remotely encompassed. Three weeks ago I packed up and moved into an apartment, which actually closely resembles the house from the Amityville Horror. This makes sense. For an apartment seemingly so cool, there has to be a crazy man or a ghost in the deal.

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